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Myton Bridge is an asymmetric cable-stayed box girder steel swing bridge in Kingston-upon-Hull, England, United Kingdom. It connects the town side in the west to the east side of the River Hull, and carries the A63 Roger Millward Way dual carriageway across the river. It is used by road and pedestrians.


At first glance and from a distance, you could think this bridge is fixed due to it's size. However you can figure it out once you see the warning signals and the control room. It is higher above the water meaning that it doesn't always have to be swung for vessels, as they can just pass underneath, meaning it isn't always moved as much as other bridges along the river.


The bridge has a mix of infrastructure - on either side there are three road wigwags, 5 of which are your typical Forest City halogens, however on the west side nearest Scale Lane Bridge there is a Pike wigwag instead, which presumably replaced an old broken one. There are also 4 GEC Elliot pedestrian signals which can display a red and green man for pedestrians. At each side, there are 4 road barriers, most likely made by 'Newgate', 2 on each side of the carriageway to stop road transport, and further up towards the bridge itself, beside each pedestrian signal is a small barrier to cover the pavement. There are Roshni Sounders here alongside your typical Clifford and Snell or E2S ones which sound identical to Plimsoll Swing Bridge in Bristol.


Myton Bridge has been known to get stuck open when operating in the past, causing major road delays along the A63.

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