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Scale Lane Bridge is a pedestrian electric swing bridge in Kingston-upon-Hull, England, United Kingdom. It is the youngest bridge on the river, and the only one of it's type in the world. It connects Old Town on the west side to Tower Street on the east side.


Scale Lane is a very modern and innovative bridge, and extremely impressive. It is the only movable bridge in the world which you can stand or sit on while it swings, and even has a cafe built within it. It was designed by Jonathan McDowell and Renato Benedetti, and was planned to be lifted into place in May 2009, and to open it to the public in the September or October of that year.

However, it was not opened until summer of 2013 - it was finally opened by the Lord Mayor of Kingston upon Hull and Admiral of the Humber, Councillor Nadine Fudge and Jackie Boulton from Homes and Communities Agency on Friday 28 June 2013.


Scale Lane does not contain too much infrastructure and warning signals - but there are two gates on the bridge and on the pavement which are manually closed when the bridge swings to stop people from leaving or entering the area while it swings. The heel of the bridge lets you enter it from the Old Town side no matter whether or not it is swinging.


The bridge does not only open for vessels at high tides; it is a tourist attraction and has specific times for when it will be swung. These are:

February 2020:

Saturday 15th February 11AM

Sunday 16th February 10:30AM and 11:30AM

Saturday 22nd February 3PM

Sunday 23rd February 10:30AM and 11:30AM

Saturday 29th February 11AM


The footbridge has become iconic, and has won several awards, these are:

  • World Architecture News Transport Award
  • Civic Trust Award
  • Civic Trust Special Award For Community Impact and Engagement
  • World Architecture Festival Transport Award
  • Living Waterways Award
  • RIBA Yorkshire Award
  • Hull Civic Society Award