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A video of the bridge operating.

Sculcoates Bridge (also known as Chapman Street Bridge) is a swing bridge in Hull, England, United Kingdom. It connects the west side which leads from Swann Street, Lincoln Street and Wincolmlee to the east side which leads on to Cleveland Street and Mount Pleasant. It is the oldest movable bridge in the city.


Sculcoates Bridge is a rusty but ripe old bridge. Not much view can be gotten of the bridge apart from on the bridge itself due to it being mostly surrounded by industry, therefore not being close to any footpaths or places where the bridge can be viewed from a distance. It was built in 1874 and was not the only one of its kind for a long time, as Drypool and Stoneferry bridges also had the same design, until they were replaced with their newer counterparts in 1961 and 1990 respectively.


Sculcoates Bridge is a little bit different in terms of infrastructure, but not by much. There are two Forest City halogen wigwags on either side of the road and two barriers on each side to block the pavement and the road and no pedestrian lights, though this is assumed to be because of the small size of the bridge compared to others. It also has Roshni sounders.


Since mid 2020, Sculcoates Bridge has experienced several problems, and is now closed to all traffic and pedestrians. It has been said on Hull Live that the bridge will reopen after being given a makeover like Drypool Bridge to allow it another 50 years of use.